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Amanah Saham Is Never Meant for Me!

Amanah Saham unit trusts are never meant for me. I woke up early this morning to queue up for Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) outside post office. When I arrived at the post office, there was only a queue of around 20 persons there. I said to myself this might just be my lucky day. For your information, this is the first time I queue up for Amanah Saham unit trusts. I have decided to move my fixed deposit to Amanah Saham, and why not looking at the steady 7% return per annum if compared to 3% return per annum for fixed deposit.

I reached there at around 0715. From time to time, there were 1 or 2 persons joining the queue in the middle. By 0800, there were like 50 persons in front of me! I calmed myself down with a hope to still able to buy the unit trust. But I was so wrong! When the front door of post office was opened at 0815, everyone suddenly dashed toward the entrance. I was left puzzled there wondering what the purpose of queuing up is if everyone acted so barbarian like this! By the time I got my numbering, it was 95th! In between, many squeezing and pushing at the counter that an old lady had fallen sitting on the floor! I could not take it anymore! I was like so shocked looking at this scene, totally speechless. I walked out from the post office and vowed not to come back for any of the Amanah Saham unit trusts in the future! Why Malaysians are like that? I feel shameful…

With my experience this morning, I draw a conclusion here. Amanah Saham is only meant for 3 groups of people as follows.

1. Rude and shameless individuals. You have to be able to join the queue in the middle, ignoring the angry look of others. You should also be able to push your way to the counter ruthlessly even if you have to push away a 90-year-old nanny!

2. Corrupted and crooked persons. I misheard there are some who paid RM 50 commission to bank and post office officers to get all the procedures done. They will never need to join you in the long queue!

3. Bumiputera (indigenous people). Congratulations! You can buy Amanah Saham unit trusts on any day throughout the year. You can definitely avoid the crowds and long queue!

I do not belong to any of the aforementioned groups. That is why Amanah Saham is never meant for me! What about you?

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Say "NO" to Amanah Saham

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11 comments to Amanah Saham Is Never Meant for Me!

  • Lucky Shin


    It seems today is really not your lucky day! Fyi, I went to Post office this morning at around 7am something(able to enjoy my breakfast at the restaurant beside the post office), everyone of us Q properly. Everyone is discipline. The officers in post office are efficient and nice. Everything go smooth…I opened my a/c successful and went back to work punctually. Note that I am also not the 3 categories people that you have mentioned. So, please do not give up so fast and you are really too fast to jump into conclusion due to 1st the experiences of culture shock. Learn a lesson, Q properly in line, no one will able to jump Q in front you. Take it easy man! Good luck to you! (….which branch that you visited???)

    Lucky Shin

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  • CK

    I will not buy Amanah Saham anymore as the 7% is a bit pathetic looking at the profit they made. Too many rushing for it and I just don’t have the patient and pleasure to queue up there. Some people even got stolen when pushing in the small post office.

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  • BOB

    Relax-lah! Be smart and you will save a lot of time! I went to buy ASM at 12:40pm and by 12:48pm I was served. It is very fast right? Don’t-lah go to Maybank or Banks that belong to large housing areas and remember it is a lot more this time at 16 millions. Since its take 1 ½ days to sell in April; don’t need to rush this time!

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  • You should have said something when people jump queue in front of you. From 20 to 50 people is absurd! Maybe this is your unlucky day. But don’t give up.

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  • Mei Teng

    Sorry to hear about what happened. What you described was preciously what I thought would happened if I attempted to queue up and purchase. Btw, this queue jumping also occurs when the banks open for business in the mornings.

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  • Borneo Falcon

    I agree. We are surrounded by barbarians

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  • jam

    Lucky Shin, you indeed were lucky as no barbarian in your area.

    Ck, agree! Amanah Saham makes us look rude and stupid!

    BOB, I hope I can be as lucky as you next time!

    Che-Cheh, I do consider that was my unlucky day. How could I possibly speak out when almost everyone was jumping the queue :hk61:

    Mei Teng, that’s Malaysian, can’t help but to feel shameful sometimes!

    Can’t agree more, Borneo Falcon!

  • Bengbeng

    i have got used to it. even in supermarkets n in the market, if there is no queue but me, occasionally somebody would jump queue too. makes no sense at all.

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  • foongpc

    Luckily I bought the units last time when there were no rush for it yet. Now, I won’t want to queue up for it cos I hate queues!

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  • zewt

    it’s a clear sign that you should not buy it… honestly, i dont even bother to queue. why contribute our money for someone else’s gain. have we all not put enough money into EPF already ???? ??? ????

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  • jam

    May be you are right, zewt! But still I think it is a risk free investment for those not familiar with share market.

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