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Attending MATTA Fair

I like to attend trade shows. A trade show is the best occasion for various companies in a specific industry to showcase their latest products and services. I am living in a small town though, and there is hardly any trade show held. I had attended only a few over the years and I have to say their trade show flooring looks dreadful. You cannot simply just lay an ordinary carpet on the floor of your exhibition hall, can you?

I have always wanted to but yet to attend a MATTA Fair. I missed out on the most recent one in September this year. MATTA Fair is the grandest of its kind showcasing various top travel and tour agents in Malaysia. I believe their trade show carpet should not be simply laid. Some travel booths may even make use of logo mats and logo canopy. A nice looking exhibit booth can certainly attract more walk in customers, don’t you think so?

Have you attended any of the MATTA Fair before? How do you rate the chances of getting a value-for-money travel package in there?

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17 comments to Attending MATTA Fair

  • Jam, not comfy with crowded places afraid may get squashed. Yeah agree with you nicely decorated booth certainly attracts the crowd but mainly C&G fares(cheap&good) would confirm a booking. :em45:

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  • iamthewitch

    The only ‘trade show’ I ever attended was the PC fair, which was way too crowded! Don’t think I’ll ever want to attend unless it’s really necessary. As for MATTA, haven’t attended that before too. I guess I prefer to book my RM0 AirAsia fares compared to MATTA packages! LOL

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  • CheaHS@n

    Huh MATTA fair? That was a very very very long time in KL cannot even remember the venue got mixed up with PC fairs. Place was crowded like pasar malam and guess the crowd got what they wanted. One incident I remembered very well a travel&tour company collected the fares but “no-show” on the departure day. That’s scary! :devil_tb:

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  • iWalk

    It’s the first time I know MATTA Fair.

    But I searched its story on google just now, So glad to find that there were different topics of MATTA fairs in different months of the year! I think I must consider this when I plan to visit Malaysia. Thanks Jam! :)

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    • jam

      Ya, iWalk. MATTA stands for Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents. The fair should be helpful to you if you plan to visit Malaysia. But you can always reach me for help at no cost :em21:

  • annant

    have never attended one…not that i can afford any trip soon =.=

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  • bengbeng

    if i could only afford luxuries like travel … sigh

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  • fufu

    yeah i attended the world’s largest book fair last month here in frankfurt…nice!! matta fair? erm… so where would you heading to next?

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  • foongpc

    I also never attend any MATTA fair cos tired of crowds and traffic jams! But most people tell me cannot really find good deals at MATTA fair and some companies take your money and dissapear! So just stick to AirAsia zero seats fair for best bargains! : )

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  • Sharon Poon

    Matta Fair is great. Hope this year brings more fantastic offers. Free tickets are the best. Hahaha. :em19:

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