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10 Ways We Can Protect Our Marine Environment

At the jetty of Mamutik Island, I found a large board displaying the varieties of fishes in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. I still cannot tell the names of those fishes till this day. But I can be very sure that I did not stumble into eel, stingray, lionfish and shark, Thanks to God!

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Varieties of fishes in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

I had shown to you how beautiful the underwater world is in my previous post. But beautiful thing never lasts long and that is life. So we need to step up our efforts in protecting the corals, fishes and the marine environment on a whole. Here are 10 ways how we can protect our marine environment. I adapt this one from the large board above.

1. Dive carefully with proper buoyancy control in fragile marine environment to protect the ecosystem. This is to make sure that you do not step on corals and other marine life on the seafloor.

2. Understand and respect underwater life. Basically we need to respect all living things, shouldn’t we?

3. Do not collect souvenirs. Consider photography instead. I have banned myself and my traveling partners from collecting corals and seashells on the beach. I also do not encourage the buying of corals, seashells and stuffed starfish for souvenirs from Gaya Street Sunday Market.

4. Obey all fish and game laws of the marine park. Basically all 10 ways stated here apply in.

5. Consider your impact on aquatic life through your interactions. Do not litter and feed fishes with unsuitable food items or provoke them as this may cause stress and harm to aquatic life form. Do not try to touch the fishes when you feed them foods.

6. Anchor your boats only on the mooring buoys found within the marine park. Do not anchor your vessels on the reefs. This is to prevent the anchor from damaging the corals and reefs.

7. Obtain diving orientation from a qualified local diving operator prior to dive. You can also choose to take PADI scuba diving courses. Not only you learn how to dive properly without bringing harmful damages to the marine environment, your safety underwater is also assured.

8. If you are snorkeling, make use of the rest floats provided to snorkellers for resting purposes and prevent tired snorkellers from stepping on corals. Do not attempt to step on the corals. Some of the edges are really sharp and you will get cuts on your feet!

9. Report environmental disturbances or destructions noted at your dive site to the nearest marine park stations.

10. Support the park activities which help to preserve our beautiful marine heritage.

Above are just 10 in as many ways we can do to protect our marine environment. I believe there is more. Are you too a snorkeller or a diver? Care to give us your 2 cents?

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11 comments to 10 Ways We Can Protect Our Marine Environment

  • Caroline

    this is gud! :hk04:

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  • fufu

    hahahaha… my hongkong friends bought many coral souvenir at jalan gaya… because very cheap, they said :)

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  • Mei Teng

    wherever you travel or visit, leave as little footprints as possible! :)

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  • iamthewitch

    Hmm I only snorkel.. :) When we see bottles or plastic bags floating on the sea, we should pick them up! :)

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    • jam

      Nice one, help cleaning up the beach and the sea :em69:

    • Lidia

      Coming to your website was like inhaling pure, unadulterated Co2. It was like getting one of those “intestinal cl;a2ses”&#8n30e.but without the feeling of being assaulted on every level.In a world that rewards mental and spiritual midgets, and, applauds sociopathic tendencies it is refreshing to hear truth told without all of the insane “political correctness”. I always felt that Alfred Webre was a sleeze bag. Not that he could not be something else if he chose, but, it appears that this is how he currently ‘rolls’.I am glad to see that someone has the emotional courage to call things as they currently are.

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  • haha

    :jittery_tb: wow!!!…I always crazy about marine enviroiment…love to visit one in my next coming holiday… :em28: but I am always hopeless in fulfilling all the 10 ways which you have mentioned…just love to collect shells along the beaches or buy them as souveniors… Hope one day I can think like you, Jam.

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  • Merryn

    Hi.. I’m a Submerryn and I so appreciate this post. Thanx for protecting my home :D

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