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I Was Raped By KDRM!

Remember I told you all that I was raped by Pos Malaysia. I received a mail from Singapore which the content had been hijacked. It contains a 512MB thumbdrive. It is just a 512MB thumbdrive! I know it may not be easily found out there and it is obsolete already as the most common and lowest storage capacity nowadays is 1GB. I myself am using a 1GB now.

Yes, I know too that it was given to me as a prize and it does not cost me a single cent. However, this is about someone trying to challenge your self integrity and self pride! So, I had decided to fight against these bad eggs and revealed the truth behind the scene.

“沉默不代表懦弱,忍耐不代表麻木”。Keeping silence does not mean I am a coward, exercising patience does not mean I am insensitive. I always choose not to fight against any system. My workplace is a shit, and yet I live with it. Government does not love us, I live with it too. This is because I am part of those systems, and I have to coexist with them whether I like it or not. However, if someone comes to step on my tail (which I always consider it to be short enough), then I bite back!

I Was Raped By KDRM! picture general  photo

So, I looked at the mail again, hoping to find some clues. Can you see ‘PMK’? I tried to type ‘PMK’ in google search. PMK stands for Pusat Mel dan Kaurier (Mail and Courier Centre). PMK is situated near the One Stop Centre (OSC), Free Trade Zone at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). All the consignments via air mail using the Pos Malaysia services are handled in here. All parcels from foreign countries will arrive here first before being distributed across the countries. Kastam Diraja Malaysia (KDRM) or Royal Malaysian Customs has his office here.

Now I know I was actually gang raped by Pos Malaysia and KDRM! How could they hijack my thumbdrive and then sealed it back as if nothing happened. Are they considering thumbdrive as a forbidden item? Come one, I am not receiving anything which is against the customs law and why you had to take it from me. I want to stand my right here!

I decide to go out to the post office one of these days to seek clarification. Wish me good luck then! The truth is out there… sound like X-File, but I will call it J-File! I Was Raped By KDRM! picture general  photo

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4 comments to I Was Raped By KDRM!

  • Haha

    :razz: Hi JAM…i support u all the way in my heart…

    :cool: cool man!…someone has to SHOW them to the DOOR.

    :grin: i salute u for your stand…may the FORCE be with u.

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  • rachealliang



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  • chantelle

    Go ahead, fully support your decision. Indeed we tend to ‘keep quiet” all the time for all unfair incident. Slowly becomes a habit :???:

    :smile: speak up for your own right! “JAM BOLEH instead of MALAYSIA BOLEH

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  • Nastasshea@Nesh

    Nice! Complain! You have the consumer rights! I hope that the company sees this and do something about it! Just like at fast food restaurants, ever cents counts! Dun just ignore it if they didn’t give u the few cents change because it’s too small. Imagine each person they didn’t return 5 cents and accumulate perday thousands of customers! They can make LOADS!

    No I NEVER allow any of the shops to keep my cents! That’s very low of them to think like that!

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