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I Was Raped By My Female Boss!

In the post office I was, decided to f**k up with whoever going to give me lame excuses. After I had clearly stated out my intention at the counter, I was led to see the personnel in charge. So far, the service and attitude are still not bad…

Lady: Good morning. How can I help you?

Me: (showing the mail) I received this last week, and I found that the content is missing.

Lady: What is inside? This mail was handled by KLIA. We hold no responsibility for your missing item.

Me: It should contain a 512MB thumbdrive. See, it had been opened on both sides.

Lady: This seal is from customs. And here… can you see the chop? This meal had actually been released by customs. Normally, customs would not open the mail that had been cleared.

Me: If it is not customs who took my thumbdrive, then it should be Pos Malaysia. If not, it will not take more than 2 months for the mail to reach me. The posting date is April 3, and yet I only got it last Friday, June 22.

Lady: Let me see. The mail number is RR 665755875 SG…

While saying, she checked the record in her computer system. After two minutes,…

Lady: Our record shows that the mail had already been sent to you at the following address on April 12. Is that your home address?

Me: (surprisingly) No, it is my office address. How come? I only got this mail last Friday?!

Lady: In that case, we do not know what is going on. Ok, I am going to print this record for your reference.

Me: …

Lady: Here you go, you bring back this proof and make enquiries in your office.

I Was Raped By My Female Boss! picture general  photo

Me: Thanks, I will go back to ask.

Lady: You are bringing this mail to us after 2 months. It is too late to lodge a complain and also too late for us to do anything about it.

Me: I understand, thanks.

Walking out of the post office, I still believed that it was customs or Pos Malaysia who had taken my thumbdrive. However, I had lost my right to appeal. What to do? Who to blame?

No, it is just not right! The whole incident was screwed up my my lady boss. She is the one who passes the mail to all the staffs in the office. What took her ages to put the mail on my table. If you are too lazy to do that, do not ask for all the mails to be sent to your office next time!

I really wanted to f**k up with her! Second thought… If I f**k her, my boss will f**k me. I had to swallow my anger and pride… Tell me what can I do?!

Why win a fight that will cause you to lose the entire battle!

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7 comments to I Was Raped By My Female Boss!

  • Flora

    Luckily you had your second thought to you-know-what your female boss….it’s wise to swallow your own balls sometimes.. :shock:

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  • rachealliang

    this is jam rules:

    Do not assume too much. Things might not turn out as bad as what you think.

    Do not demand too much. Who are you to judge how someone should present themselves.

    Do not interfere with others business. Because they know their own preferences better than anybody do. And do not let anyone interfere with yours.

    Do not think too complicated. Most time there is nothing complex as what you seem. Do not make your life difficult.

    Look at the sunshines, look at the blue sky, listen to the ocean and take a deep breath…



    Jam…等你生日..我在买一个新的pendrive 送给你好了..不要在难过了….




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  • Chantelle

    :oops: Hello! you are not the first victim.!

    Indeed last two weeks that was an important receipt direct to me, but that”tin kosong” just pass it to someone else without my notification.

    I have to request for the second print up send it to my house.

    Few days later, one of the staff informed me, my letter was with her! :oops:

    Gosh! that “tin kosong” really annoying. how i wish i can throw “it” away!

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  • jam

    Thanks for the support, everyone. It is not the thumbdrive that matters the most. We have the right to demand better services from Pos Malaysia and customs. We can’t afford to have our item missing every now and then. As for my female boss, if only she can be more attentive next time. This kind of thing should not be happening.

  • chantelle

    :mrgreen: waiting for your “female boss” to change her attitude is impossible.

    Unless someone dare to tell her , she is real “disguisting” the only word that can describe her is “jerk”
    . :razz: really need to pray hard that whe will well behave!

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  • Neo

    Wahaha… got hot pretty colleague or not?

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  • jam

    They are pretty but ‘mild’. :lol:

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