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Jom Ubah Sarawak!

Jam does not always write about politics. Political issues have always not been his favorite column in local newspapers. But Sarawak state election which due in another 18 hours is just too hot to handle, don’t you think so! So, please bear with me this time as I will share about my shallow political views. I am a strong, if not die hard Democratic Action Party (DAP) supporter if you are attentive enough to notice all the banners I put up here.

It has been nearly 50 years since the independence, and we Sarawakians have been under the ruling of Taib Mahmud for 30 years. Sarawak has the largest land among all states in Malaysia and rich with natural resources, but what have we gained under the White Hair? What have Taib and his cabals done to Sarawak for the last 30 years? Seeing this, we Sarawakians are really in need for a change in our leader. Let us all vote for change this time! If you are still not convinced of doing so, here are my 8 reasons why we should vote Taib and his cabals out of Sarawak State Assembly!

1. Sarawak state government under the ruling of Taib Mahmud is highly corruptive. This is an undeniable fact and was well documented in Sarawak Report here. He has so far played denial to disclose his wealth despite pressure and growing anger from public.

Jom Ubah Sarawak! picture general  photo

The White Hair, big crocodile of Sarawak!

2. We Sarawakians have long requested Taib Mahmud to stand down from politics. Come on, he is the longest serving chief minister in Malaysia for 30 years and has all this while allegedly benefiting from Sarawak’s rich natural and economic resources! Hasn’t that been enough? He had recently stated his wish to step down after 2 years. If so, why should we Sarawakians vote for someone who had announced his retirement in 2 years time?

3. Taib Mahmud and his cabal of different political parties have committed the allegations of nepotism, in which they favor their friends and relatives by giving them jobs and in tendering of government projects. Thus, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. My dear Sarawakians, give yourself a chance this April 16! Free yourself from 30 years of misery under the ruling of the infamous White Hair!

4. Not only did Taib and his cabals cheat us, they also threatened us Sarawakians after we all have become smarter after all these years. Wong Soon Koh said if all Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) candidates lose in Sibu, we would lose our Chinese minister in the State Assembly too. Kanasai, what is the use of Chinese minister if he has done nothing and has always bowed to the White Hair? I would prefer minister of different racial background if he can speak up for the people! Agree?

5. Look carefully at the banner below. It reads “Vote BN to Keep Free Education at KLT”. What the f**k! Since when education has hooked up with politics? Do not infect the younger generation with your dirty political propaganda!

Jom Ubah Sarawak! picture general  photo

Vote for free education? Nahhh!

6. 昨晚是光良,今晚是张栋粱,国阵真的是无良政府!Wake up, Sarawakians! It is all our money that paid to the singers!

7. It is time for 2-party system. We had given them 50 years, but what had they given to us? It is time to end Taib’s corruption. Let’s bring an end to his ruling of Sarawak. Give a chance to Pakatan Rakyat. If they are not doing good, you can go back to vote for BN in 5 years time.

8. We want change. We want a Malaysia for Malaysians. 1Malaysia sucks, is just Najib’s political propaganda to cement his place as the country’s Prime Minister. Racism is still pretty bad everywhere. We want equal rights for all in Malaysia, regardless of racial and religion background.

Jom Ubah Sarawak!

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