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Beware of Credit Card Fraud Requesting Confirmation on Your Transactions

This is a real case of credit card fraud happened on me just last week. Jam received a phone call from a bank officer of the so called MBF Card Centre. Here are the details of our conversation.

Bank officer: Good afternoon. This is calling from MBF Credit Card Centre. May I speak to Mr. Jam?

Jam: Speaking.

Bank officer: Sir. Do you have a credit card by the number 5440 7400 5563 1857 with us?

Jam: No, I do not currently hold any credit card with MBF.

Bank officer: In our system, there was a transaction of RM 9,650 made on January this year at Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Jam: I told you I did not apply any credit card with MBF Card Centre!

Bank officer: Our system shows that Sir applied this credit card at our branch at Kota Bharu, Kelantan on January 4 this year. It is a Master Gold Card with RM 10,000 limit. Sir, your credit card was approved on January 16 and the first transaction which was at Sentosa, Singapore was made on January 20. Please confirm your transaction, Sir.

Jam: I did not apply for this credit card. I was not in Kota Bharu this January. In fact, I have never been to Kelantan before. I also did not travel to Sentosa Island this January, but I was there last December.

Bank officer: Sir, are you sure you do not apply for this credit card?

Jam: Yes.

Bank officer: In that case, there may be someone who had stolen your identity and applied this credit card on your behalf.

Jam: I am not going to pay a single cent. Plus I have not received any credit card statement so far.

Bank Officer: Can I confirm once again your personal details?

Jam: Okay.

Bank officer: Are you Mr. Jam? Your identity card number is bla… bla… bla… and your address is this bla… bla… bla…

Jam: Okay, all these are correct. But I just never applied any credit card with you! And I am not going to pay!

Bank officer: Okay, Sir. Right now, we are not sure whether it is you who applied for this credit card. Perhaps you can call up Bank Negara Malaysia to file the case for investigation. I can give you this telephone number.

Jam: Okay, please.

Bank Officer: Sir, you can call up this number. Unit Kad Kredit Palsu, Bank Negara Malaysia. Telephone number is 03-27884722 at extension 1106. There is a high possibility that your identity has been stolen. Please file a report with Bank Negara Malaysia at this number. They will advise you on what you should do next.

Jam: Okay, thanks.

And I put down the phone. I was in real worry and on the verge to call the telephone number given. Hell! Who does not worry when this big sum of transaction is incurred on your name? But my instinct told me to wait. I decided to search the web for help. And luckily I did, because I discovered that the phone call itself is a scam! This is a typical credit card fraud very commonly found in Malaysia nowadays!

How this credit card fraud is done? First, victim receives a phone call requesting him or her to confirm a credit card transaction which is usually an overseas transaction. When the victim informs the fraudster that he or she has no such credit card or transaction, the fraudster will sound concerned and will advise the victim to lodge a report with Unit Kad Kredit Palsu, Bank Negara Malaysia. If the victim calls the telephone number provided, the fraudster will request for information relating to the victim’s banking and credit card accounts. Funds will then be illegally transferred out of the victim’s bank account. So beware of this credit card fraud, bro and sis! It can happen to anyone in the public. In fact, it had just happened on me last week!

I searched the website of Bank Negara Malaysia in and out and there is no department called “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu”. Besides, I could not locate the telephone number 03-27884722 on the website. I also called 103, the fixed telephone directory assistance and found out that the telephone number is not in the record, means not valid. I still called 03-27884722 though, ya! Jam did call the number! And guess what, I was greeted by an automatic voice message which identifies the company as Bank Negara Malaysia! I quickly ended the call before the other end could answer the call.

You see, credit card fraudsters nowadays are clever with their scam. But Jam ain’t foolish too! By the way, this is the telephone number of the so called MBF Credit Card Centre bank officer 03-21677722. Help me to send my warmest regards to him – f**k him! Would ya?

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16 comments to Beware of Credit Card Fraud Requesting Confirmation on Your Transactions

  • Wow…they are becoming this…advanced already? :(

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  • It’s seems like the people behind this fraud have high IQ! Damn smart…. :’(

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    • jam

      All fraudsters are smart, real smart! Then only we got cheated!

      • Betsey

        thing is,they would not have named them Rockets that were supposed to be for checking Gravity on the moon,if they did not expect Biblical proportions of some kind of Chaos to come from it,And with our economy in such a doaf.wll.nHow the hell do we have billions to spend on the moons gravity ?? i mean how is that going to help us in any way..its not and that is not why the sent them rockets out there..they are going to disrupt earth gravity and cause chaos..

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      • ab wann kann ich meine kfz versicherung wechseln

        thanks so much for the reply-I am of the very unlearned opinion that it did not have much influence-the telling of parallel stories in different ancient cultures does not such influence-I think the work was largely unknown until retranslated, as you researched. It is a fascinating look into ancient life.

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  • Wow… that’s really something.

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  • sinji

    OMG! Thanks for shareing this.

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  • sinji

    Thanks for sharing. Recalled me scam.

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  • alif

    Hello everyone. Two days ago I received a similar call from that bloody scammer claiming to be from MBF. Same story line except that my card was approved in Sibu and my mailing address in Kuching. He was very ‘compassionate’. But I smell something fishy and decided to check the net for info. My suspicion was right. Please caution yr friends and relatives as well…

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  • tiqi

    hi everyone,
    I will do a police report today. I just received the same call yesterday.
    i just have time today to google and search information on this and found these information on net..
    so surprising… Thanks for sharing this in the net.. Be careful guys..

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  • hn

    but the number 03-21677722 is the fax number of MBF Card Centre.. how can they use this number for scam?

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    • jam

      So can a fax machine call you? This is definitely a scam! We all read the newspapers these days regarding how many out there had been scammed by this syndicate.

  • PrayerPray Community

    This kind of fraud is rampant nowadays. People needs to be aware about how these people operate and thanks Jam for sharing.

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