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Tales of Johor Bahru Customs

No, I had not done telling my stories about Johor Bahru Customs. During my entire course of Singapore Free & Easy trip, I stayed at my friend’s place in Skudai, a fast expanding suburb which is located approximately 16 kilometers from city center of Johor Bahru. Back then, my wife and I traveled to and fro between Johor Bahru and Singapore everyday in my friend’s car as they drove to work in Singapore. Except for 1 day in which I attempted to travel to Singapore on our own by bus, ended up being interrogated by 2 policemen at Johor Bahru Customs!

Here is a tale about Johor Bahru Customs I heard from my friend

Not really a tale, perhaps a real story! There was this big family traveled from Johor Bahru to Singapore in 2 cars. There are 2 sisters in the family, but not sitting in the same car. Happened to be they had accidentally swapped their passports. And guess what? They passed through Johor Bahru immigration checkpoint without any hassle! The 2 cars would have to be stopped by immigration officers at Woodlands Checkpoint simply because picture in the passport is not identical to passenger sitting inside the car! The 2 cars were only allowed to enter Singapore once the officers found out that 2 of its passengers had accidentally swapped their passports!

Well, I personally do not feel surprised to see this happening at Johor Bahru Customs. Malaysia Boleh! Every time our car arrives at the immigration checkpoint of Johor Bahru Customs, the immigration officer is too busy checking to see whether information on our White Cards (Immigration Card) tally with our passports or not. They never bother to look into our faces!

So, does this mean you can get into Singapore using my passport? No, you can only leave Johor Bahru Customs but is still not allowed to enter Singapore!

The immigration procedure at Woodlands checkpoint is a lot tighter than in Johor Bahru Customs. The officer will ask you to roll down the car windows and look into your face. Sometimes they will come out of their booth to have a clearer look into your car to see if you attempt to smuggle someone into Singapore! I bet they will not hesitate to ask you to open the rear bonnet if you do look suspicious!

That is the tale of 2 cities, which are only 10 plus kilometers apart!

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