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Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

This is a long awaiting post to some of you, especially Will have been asking me for the answer a few times already.

Last night, I plucked one fruit from the garden and cut it into 2 halves. Using spoon, I scooped the pulp into a glass. Mixing with some sugar and water, it can be a really refreshing drink.

I hope by now you should know it is a passion fruit. Did anyone of you guess it right?

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions picture earth song  photo

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions picture earth song  photo

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions picture earth song  photo

By the way, yesterday, June 5 was World Environment Day (also known as WED). It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in Stockholm in 1992. WED is celebrated each year on June 5 and each year it is hosted in a different city. This year WED is hosted in Wellington, New Zealand and the slogan is “Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy”.

Reduce Your Carbon Emissions picture earth song  photo

Global warming is one of the most concern environmental issues in this era. And we all know that greenhouse gas emissions are the major culprit contributing towards global warming. One of the most notable greenhouse gases in abundant on earth is carbon dioxide (CO2). An excess of CO2 on the earth surface could trap the heat and thus raise the earth temperature. One may ask what will happen if the temperature of the planet has risen up to lethal levels. Well, I am not a scientist, neither do I an environmentalist. But I can refer you to the Cyclone Nargis recently in Myanmar and snow storm in China earlier this year as examples.

This year slogan recognizes the threats greenhouse gases pose to our environment and finding ways to reduce your carbon emissions (also known as carbon footprint). You may want to read the Twelve Steps to Help You Kick the CO2 Habit

Reducing your carbon footprint is not a difficult task, and it is a task not much different than any other task. It is as simple as growing a passion fruit plant in your backyard! Or just place a pot of small bamboo plants in your room! What you need is commitment!

So, announce to peers around you that you are going to reduce your carbon emissions starting today!

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