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Tanjung Batu

Originally a modest Melanau fishing village, Bintulu is nowadays Sarawak’s fourth largest town behind Kuching, Miri and Sibu. The town is Sarawak’s main industrial town, particularly in the oil, gas and timber industries. Miri has Tanjung Lobang. Bintulu also has Tanjung Batu to offer. Tanjung Batu Beach is a local picnic and recreational spot located [...]

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Miri Sunset Pictures

Miri is Sarawak’s second largest city and is the home of Sarawak’s oil industry. It was granted city status on May 13, 2005. The city is the gateway to the state’s northern region and located close to the Brunei border. In recent years Miri has become a major tourism destination, in line with its official [...]

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Tanjung Lobang

I went to Tanjung Lobang during my stay in Miri. Tanjung Lobang or Taman Selera is the oldest recreational park in Miri. Sometimes, it goes by the name “Brighton Beach” in travel brochures and maps. Tanjung Lobang (literally means hole in the cliff) was such named because the area has a cliff with a cave [...]

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Travel Journal: Mulu National Park

Have you been to Gunung Mulu National Park? This World Heritage Site is in Sarawak, Malaysia, on the border with Brunei. The park is famous for its incredible caves. Some notable caves are Deer Cave, Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave. Within Gunung Mulu National Park, there is the world’s biggest underground chamber – Sarawak Chamber. [...]

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